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The application has all the things you need when attempting to create an Autorun menu for a CD, including integrated image viewers, AVI and audio players, speaker control, drag and drop support, icon converter and a preview tool to let you test the recently created project. You can use almost any type of multimedia files, including images, Flash clips, videos and PDFs, but CDMenuPro 6.50.00 pre-Activated Business Edition also allows you to embed external image, text or audio viewers. What’s more, there are plenty of buttons included in the package, but you’re also allowed to create your very own using very advanced designing utilities. CDMenuPro 6.50 Full Version Activation Code Business Edition can set different access rules for each created projects and can even protect a new menu with a password. What’s more, it can include a license agreement and instructions for use in TXT and RTF formats.

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Although the interface hasn't changed, new features of this version include: Windows 7 compatibility, ability to create splash screens from AVI files. The developers also integrated data protection against unauthorized access by adding a password requirement. CDMenuPro preactivated offers many options like an embedded video player with sound control, an embedded text file viewer with text search, audio player, and more. Additionally, the designed menus can be tested and virtually simulated before writing to a disc. It should be noted, that it may be complex to design elaborate menus with sublevels and many functions. One can just get lost in the process.

As you can see, CDMenuPro 6.50.00 Activator Free Download Business Edition is a very advanced product, so you shall discover all of its features as you explore the app, but this could take a lot of time. The good thing is that it comprises an advanced help section that provides all the necessary information on the built-in features. Overall, CDMenuPro Full Version Serial Key Business Edition is clearly one of the best products in this particular software category and the amount of features it comprises is absolutely outstanding. It is undoubtedly a smart investment!

Main Features:

  • Embedded text file viewers
  • Bad Tech support
  • Password protection
  • Text Search
  • Works with all Windows Versions
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CDMenuPro 6.50 activated Business Edition is a full-featured Windows CD menu creator, offering plenty of features and a professional-looking GUI to interact with its users. And speaking of users, rookies may not know where to start when launching the app for the first time, mostly because the main window of the app assaults them with tons of features. That’s why checking the help manual is a must do and because figuring out how to take the most out of each feature is extremely important, CDMenuPro 6.50.00 keys Business Edition also comes with so-called “Training Cards” to provide a comprehensive description of each built-in tool. CDMenuPro Activator Free Download Business Edition has lots of templates to rely on for your first projects, but users are also allowed to start from scratch without any preconfigured design.

System Requirements for CDMenuPro 6.50.00:

What’s New?

Required adaptions for Windows-8.1
minor improvements for Windows7
Required adaptions for Windows-7
Drag&Drop-Interface for buttons, image-objects and avi-clips implemented. Existing Drag&Drop-Interface improved
Download-Manager: overworked
PowerPoint-Starter: overworked
Max. dimension of a list box increased to 640 x 480 pixel.
PdfStarter: overworked
Existing projects can be saved as a user template; new projects can be created from these templates.
Resource Compiler
With the introduction of this version, user documents can now be included in the "CD_Start.exe" menu application.
Flash Player
From now on the Flash Player comes with advanced settings.
Option to hide the audio and status controls
Window positioning (alignment)
AutoExit: closes the player automatically 10 seconds after the last frame
Html-, text-, Rtf-viewer, Flash Player and full-text search
previously opened instances of these programs can be closed automatically before a new instance start.

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    Stuart M

  2. How Can I undo my deleted archives in yahoo messenger? Thanks

  3. Saurabh Datta

    I don’t see how they could ask me to pay for the full product. After the 15-minute, full-product demo – the program only found 3 and it searched for about 20. (I own all the original CDs for the albums.)

  4. P.P.R.Selvaganesh

    This program is really effective.

  5. TodayTimesheet

    What is the price for the license?

  6. BMT

    Totally bad scanner, any .EXE file which has been compressed with PCK, Neolite, Expressor and Some .EXE rar files are all considered as virus. Which is totally false..

  7. Wir34

    No search feature for URLS on list for editing and no way to ad to the list. No update file seems to be available that I could find on the site. That said, it still does a fine job of blocking the vast majority of ad servers (not all) and is a very worthy download.

  8. Linder

    Haven’t found anything so far in the couple of years I’ve been using it.

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    Cant think of any 🙂

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    When I used Registery Defrag it deleted all my ststem restore, the desktop back ground, and part of the operating system. Auslogics have not contacted me to-date in relation to same.

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    So cool.

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    it sounds like it would be a great product. but i could not download it

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    Can someone pls provide me a link to download full version if can?

  14. Mann

    Does NOT compress video – Some features don’t work – has very few user settable options – AND IT SAID IT WAS THE FULL VERSION.

  15. matabyte

    Free version’s ads can be annoying and it also doesn’t offer the real-time scanning, scheduling, etc that the Pro version offers

  16. yousef

    I’m sorry, but I found no faults of this version. It’s accurate, prompt and multitasking. I liked the historical calculation of the solar vs lunar calendars. Excellent!

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    It seems to be useful for data transfer from iphone to pc, but I can’t add data from pc to iphone.

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    It is the hard border of the line, it is to hard. It was nice you can smooth de border…

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