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Download Multiplay 2.5 Activator Free Download – An easy to use application that comes in handy for playing audio cues for theatres and other events, providing support for various audio formats Multiplay serial code is designed to assist sound technicians in playing large audio cues that contain a list of files designed for pre-show audience entertainment. Providing support for a variety of audio formats, this application offers users full control over the playback process.

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A program designed to play audio cues for theater or corporate use An easy to use application that comes in handy for playing audio cues for theatres and other events, providing support for various audio formats Multiplay 2.5 with serial keys is a Windows based program designed to play audio cues for theater or corporate use. It is free to use in both amateur and commercial environments. Feature suggestions and bug reports are welcomed. A wide range (wav, mp3, wma, etc) of audio files are supported.

With the help of the built-in stopwatch and clock, sound technicians can synchronize with the show they are seeing on stage, so that no sound is delayed or played earlier than it should be. For instance, the stopwatch can be used for timing pauses. Additionally, hotkeys can be assigned to each cue, which helps you quickly switch between multiple song sequences. Cues can be linked together and played one after each other and configurations can be saved, loaded and exported for later reference. Multiplay 2.5 For Pc Free Download also features a video previewer and allows remote control over external audio equipment. Designed to ease the work of audio technicians, Multiplay 2.5 Activator Free Download assists them in playing audio cues sequentially for intermissions or show pauses. Along with other tools, it enables the crew to deliver their audience an experience that they will never forget.

The intuitive interface of Multiplay keygen displays all the loaded audio files within a well-organized table, enabling you to view the duration, description, elapsed and remaining time for each song. Choosing the tracks that will be included in the current cue is just a matter of ticking a few checkboxes. For each song, you can configure the volume, adjust the pitch and add fade-in and fade-out effects. Furthermore, the song doesn’t have to be played entirely, since starting and ending positions can be set by the user. The main window enables you to add shortcut buttons for starting or stopping the played tracks, advancing to the next song or pausing the playback.

System Requirements for Multiplay

As far as I know, I can direct the output to any pair of stereo channels via a USB interface. Which ones does Multiplay support?

To see the supported modes available, the developer recommends checking Production Properties > Audio Patches. That’s the menu you need to use to change the output modes for Multiplay. I recommend checking the official FAQ page where it is explained exactly. Secondly, the official website of the developer has been moved to another domain. You can access the new page using the following URL:

Can you please tell me which Windows operating systems Multiplay works on? Is there a Mac or a Linux version available?

The software is compatible only with Windows systems. The download on its official website is for the Windows version. There is no additional download for Mac or Linux which means that these operating systems are not supported yet. To find more information, I recommend you access the official website of the product.

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  1. Derek Tweedie

    It is perfect for theaters. It would be great if we could add video

  2. dssd

    Simple and effective. Perfect for theatre sound operation., with no excess: as simple as it should be.

  3. ruehipwell

    I wish more people would take advantage of this great program… AWESOME!

  4. RedHawk

    Using it in the school theatre, it’s a great program.

  5. Ron Sarmiento

    Multiplay changed my life. It is one of the most awesome things ever invented. Thank you!

  6. Natali

    It’s a great program, but the small latency between hitting Space and a Spot FX Cue makes it very difficult to use for young sound operators (latency isn’t there with other media players).

  7. Laura Dills

    Multiplay is fantastic. There were literally no restrictions on what I wanted to have happen with the complicated plot for a show I directed. Side by side comparison with Multiplay and an expensive program used by a local theatre group proved that Multiplay is equally powerful, with no compromise. David Duffy, the brilliant creator of the program, promptly answered questions I had as a newbie when I was first trying Multiplay out. If you need sophisticated sound play back for a play, you couldn’t do better than to use this program.

  8. Dhiljith V

    Makes working with multiple cues easy and organized.

  9. kuzgun

    Customer service is worse than Time Warner Cable, you get connected to India, people ask you the same stupid questions from a script, then you get transferred to another Indian, and get asked the same stupid questions. After this, you get calls and then they ask you the same stupid questions and runaround, problem will NEVER get resolved. The “answer Forum” is a complete joke ran by a bunch of arrogant jerks.

  10. horizon

    Not using it yet.

  11. Alberto Pires

    Is faster and easy to work

  12. sanjay

    i was erratic last couple days to get in but now fixed since n ew download

  13. Monon Mahadee


  14. Mohammed Hammouche

    Best strategy game of all times, and the one that has withstood time

  15. Kerala

    I doubt there’s any cons about this product

  16. kristiawan

    A player incorporated in this software would be nice.

  17. tati

    I did not get the chance to use it.

  18. rama

    Yeah, one of the best I have used.

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