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Another important feature of the application is the automatic memory cleaning that allows you to recover wasted memory at a given interval or when a defined limit is reached. The job that RamCleaner 7.2 setup performs is pretty impressive because it serves its purpose while remaining light on computer resources. Overall, the program could come in handy, offering great memory optimization tools via a very user-friendly interface.

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Its CPU tab shows the information related to the CPU specs and monitors its usage too; you can prioritize Windows System functions to improve the performance of your CPU. On its Processes manager tab you can prioritize the process as in the Window’s Task Manager. You can configure this system tool to make automatic memory clean by time intervals or when the memory threshold is reached. This system utility helps to reduce crashes, freezing and stopping applications and Windows system in general. It monitors your memory all time and takes the necessary actions to avoid problems due to memory.

With the free memory amount displayed right in the title bar, RamCleaner 7.2 license Key provides a dedicated “Memory Manager” to select the free memory you wish to get following the optimization process. While the free memory can be adjusted via an easy to use slider, the main window also shows available physical memory, but also the page file usage. The CPU tab does nothing more than to show some information regarding the CPU, which means it shows CPU usage, but also vendor, family, model, stepping and type. “Processes” on the other hand boasts exactly the same features as the popular Windows Task Manager, so you can end a process or set its priority.

Main Features:

  • RamCleaner is a system utility that improves the performance of Applications and Windows by monitoring the memory
  • It doesn’t work for the trial license
RamCleaner For Pc Free Download

RamCleaner 7.2 Full Version Activation Key is a reliable application that can lend you a hand when trying to boost computer performance, offering advanced tools for RAM recovery and application load times optimization. The interface of the application is very friendly and professional, with all tools organized in tabs alongside detailed graphs that let you keep an eye on memory and CPU usage history. We thus have “Charts”, “RAM”, “CPU”, “Processes” and “Options”, each tab coming with its very own options that let you tweak system performance.

System Requirements for RamCleaner 7.2:

  • 2 megabytes of free space on hard disk
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Pentium 166 MHz or higher
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.benutec.com
  • Author Benutec Software INC
  • Last version 7.2

What’s New?

new features.
New CPUs support, bugfixes, new features

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33 Thoughts to “RamCleaner 7.2 Full Version license code”

  1. nouman

    the best ram cleaner

  2. prurienter

    it fantastic and best of its kind wonderful

  3. praveen navalgi

    the one downside for me was the price. this application does “just one task” and as such, i find the price expensive… BUT, i still recommend this due to its “cleansing” effect that you will get when your computer is cleaner and organised.

  4. mik


  5. abdelrahmanelenany

    Industry standard

  6. tweety28

    None to describe

  7. renee elizabeth

    After I installed it, all the youtube videos were white and all I got was audio. So I had to find and fix the problem myself because Adobe does NOT help you in any way. Now my videos play but are so choppy. And NO, IT’S NOT A DAMN BUFFERING PROBLEM!!

  8. james

    well theres one major con..

  9. M Irzan

    everything its like a mini-maya7 in a box

  10. aaron

    This is one of the finest pieces of software available for teaching. I made a stack of review cards for my AP Macroeconomics class that included graphs, T-F questions, and multiple choice questions. I then connected my TI-83+ and copied the stack from the computer to my calculator. I now have the equilvalent of an iPod app for my class. I strongly recommed this software.

  11. Datu Ben Sumilalalo

    None I can think of.

  12. Nigel Fitt

    Even though this product is in development, its going to please a lot of inc guys that need a easy to use 2.5 D CAD Cam program.

  13. Ino Jay Anunciado

    I can’t export audio with my video (5.7 meg file) and thats just not Right. Now I have to upgrade to cs4, just way to much money…I have a small business and i just can’t shell out that kind of cash . . for a upgrade or a new version.

  14. Bijit das

    It’s organized in an odd way, as nothing is named and you can’t save anything. The uphot is that if you leave the program, you cannot get back to where you were. So you just keep starting over at the first or leave the program open all the time.

  15. Raphaël Freeman

    Don’t bother activating this software if it gets bundled up with your embroidery machine, you will have a bad time and also loose money if you end up returning the machine. What you see on the screen is not the same with the output exported by this software. Stitching points are all messed up on export, thread angles have a mind of it’s own once exported, which will never make your design to be as professional as you like. Not even the premium version doesn’t have this issue fixed.

  16. Invoker Skill

    i love this game

  17. Jahnavi

    it’s ok

  18. Pushpa Gamage

    it is a little hard to figure out where to change the names. But I LOVE IT!

  19. Inkie

    no i do like it

  20. swapan debbarma

    This program may help with text pages, but not for most of my screen captures which are photos needing resizing and editing which I do in Adobe Photo Shop. I suspected some degradation performance when this is resident.

  21. JOKE

    Does not up date by itself, or have a feature like homestead to sync-up with your Remote site. can only use ONE computer to build your site with. (very hard to rebuild page when transfering to another computer.)

  22. Rob Kunz

    When ripping CD’s where the Tracks merge with each other the software tended to truncate each tracks length by about 2 seconds.

  23. Peter Schalk

    Do you have an app for iPhone?

  24. Brent824

    It is crashing on my system, even I tried on a desktop and got the same result, I couldn’t work with that.

  25. Sunny Cloud

    None I’ve seen….

  26. Nate

    Havent really found any yet.

  27. sithin

    Some of the UI screens are tiny and look like they are straight from the 1980’s. They look ridiculous in this era of high-resolution screens.

    Not as thorough as Revo. Leaves behind a few registry entries and files from some programs.

  28. Marcene Niedt

    Have not found any faults with this software.

  29. Jd Raymundo

    its good apps

  30. Jaya Prakash

    None none none

  31. Prajakta

    I’ve been getting very turned off with Adobe Flash as they add features that make online ads more and more obnoxious. The last straw was about a year ago when Harry Potter flew beyond the borders of my small AIM window and pranced around on his broomstick across my screen to promote his new movie. Very annoying at home. Completely unacceptable in a work environment. However, as web content keeps getting more sophisticated, we have no choice but to upgrade to make features work, thus the summary as a “necessary evil”. I would recommend FLASHBLOCK for Firefox users. Keep copies of your downloaded older versions of any free stuff if you’re able to, just in case.

  32. pooja

    Does not install. Upon execution, it creates program folders and shows up in Programs under system settings. However, it cannot be uninstalled with Add/Remove programs.

  33. Eleo Sanchez

    No cons. It works as expected.

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