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The program doesn’t include any kind of viable Help feature; it offers a link to the publisher’s Web site, but unless you speak fluent German, you’re out of luck. We started by selecting the Choose Directory option and choosing to analyze our C drive. The program quickly went to work letting us watch, in real time, as it scanned our folders. Bar graphs represented percentages for each folder, but we weren’t sure what the percentages represented. Do the graphs reflect the percentage of free space left in each folder, or just the opposite? It was hard to tell, and because we don’t speak German, we couldn’t find an answer. RidNacs 2.0.3 full version with crack cleanly installs and uninstalls. We do not recommend this program.

Handy utility

To summarize, RidNacs 2.0.3 Free Download Activator is an useful and efficient piece of software tailored to help you scan folders or drives, and to identify the files or directories that occupy the most disk space, in order to clean up the obsolete files.

RidNacs cracked

An intuitive and useful piece of software designed to allow you to scan folders, drives, removable disks or network locations in order to get a disk-space report Download RidNacs 2.0.3 activator – An intuitive and useful piece of software designed to allow you to scan folders, drives, removable disks or network locations in order to get a disk-space report RidNacs Full Version Free Crack by Stephan Plath is a very fast disk space usage analyzer

Just like your car, it’s important to keep your computer tuned up to ensure that it runs at its best. Regularly removing old and unnecessary files is crucial, and RidNacs 2.0.3 serial keys aims to help you with this task by analyzing your PC’s disk space usage. Unfortunately, its lack of viable help and vague results left a lot to be desired. We appreciate the program’s clean user interface. It consists of a small window with commands at the top for choosing directories to analyze and a blank panel for displaying results. But upon closer inspection, we found its menu items and commands a bit vague.

Main Features:

  • Perfect!
  • I had used folder size but going to Vista that wasn’t an option. I searched and searched and finally stumbled upon Ridnacs and it was just what i was looking for. Very useful.
  • It is a very useful utility when you are trying to figure out where all that disk space is going.
  • It seems kind of scary because it scans everything! You can see the names of the programs too but that should be in the good section, shouldent it?
  • This program alows you to see your usage of your hard drive like when you go to properties on your hard drive!
RidNacs portable

RidNacs Registration key is a small utility designed for performing quick disk space analysis, in order to identify the largest files on your drives.

Basic interface

Being a simple program with a minimal number of functions, the user interface is also uncomplicated and easy to figure out even by inexperienced users. You can personalize the look of RidNacs 2.0.3 key by changing the percentage bar style to one of the nine lively-colored designs. Another customization that can be made to the program is the rounding rule for file size.

Quick scan process

RidNacs 2.0.3 Full Version license code allows you to select a local folder, an entire drive, a removable disk or even a network location, which you can scan in order to get a detailed list with all the files sorted by size. You can reorder the result list by the number of files contained, their size or by the percent of disk-space they take. This is a useful feature in case you need to identify the large files in order to clean up your hard-disk. If you find yourself needing to scan the same folder many times, you can add it to the favorites list, so you can quickly select it the next time. In case a scan takes too long or you just do not want it to be performed anymore, you can stop the process at any time, and also you can restart it when you want to.

Easily save the results to disk

After you finished the scan, you have the option to save the results to the local drive in various formats, such as CSV, TXT, XML or HTML. This will allow you to print the results or compare them with future scans, in order to identify what changes occurred to the scanned drives.

System Requirements for RidNacs 2.0.3:

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  1. Ruspantini

    It does not work on my new computer. Have been working with Ashampoo support Techs with no success. All other Ashampoo software installed, works fine.

  2. iiBombGuy1445

    The most annoying download and install i have had since….. maybe forever. Reminds me of working with Windows Vista or maybe Norton utilities back in 2003 when they started to suck.

  3. Lisa Owen

    One of the negative effects of having so many weapons is that players who don’t own the game or play much may be confused with the variety of weapons. Other than that, there aren’t many cons to consider at all!

  4. sonali upasani

    add or delete files and wont update files

  5. Schreiber Elfriede

    By far the most advanced and feature pack interface for energy assessments of residential housing design. A must for energy assessors who want to use the best of breed.

  6. walterred

    can’t think of anything i didn’t like

  7. hanumantha naik

    no cons … yet..

  8. ankita bhol

    Is it possible to get the latest version of Atmel Studio?

  9. sandrão DJ

    Nothing I can see

  10. ee_manz91

    I do not like the way I was treated& and the graphics are from Atari. This game was a huge waste of time. My advice to everybody is DONT BOTHER. 2 Thumbs down!!!

  11. Willow

    The only one I found that really shows people what’s going on.

  12. calvin

    Should a customer ever have to reformat their computer, Auslogics BootSpeed techinal support WILL NOT help the customer to re-install it. This problem should be corrected.

  13. John Quinn

    $59 for a simple v4.0 to v4.1 too much. If it was v4 to v5 it would be understandable, but this was just a sub-step upgrade.

  14. Mobashshir

    It cannot convert high quality files, such as AVCHD (MTS) files to anything remotely as good as the original file quality. Downloading of Youtube videos is a waste, much easier to do with a decent Firefox extension.

  15. josh bell

    wont convert to pal

  16. Mark Jacks

    Doesn’t like large pdf files. One has to reduce their size in Adobe of Bluebeam before it will open them, but once it opens them magic happens.

  17. amina

    can i use this messenger to voice chat

  18. Schreiber Elfriede

    I’ve spent the past 2 days uninstalling it and reinstalling it to make it work, and looking for an older version that works. I’m sick of this happening every time it updates

  19. nicolas ribeiro oliveira

    In the Help/Faqs, it talks about 3 minute trial for each conversion, which is confusing. I visited the web site and it seems the trial only applies to Any Video Converter Ultimate edition, not this one.

  20. T.g

    their logo smack bang in the middle of a recording

  21. sam

    That I didnt buy it sooner!

  22. Jahnavi

    – Worked for short time, then failed repeatedly!
    – Support from India is worthless!
    – Manual is incomprehensible —
    -cannot actually edit task settings, even if
    you could figure out what settings mean!


    Automatic or manual updates are always failing, I have to contact the website who sends me various links who do not work until finally one does. So much for automatic updating and ease of use, wasting a lot of time and I paid full price for it!!

  24. daniel ward

    ghjf mj hjgjh

  25. bartosz motyl

    Kicks me off when I do remote sessions on other people’s computers. If that were fixed I’d give 5/5

  26. Dayakar Dubey

    A bit slow converting big files, but hey beggers can’t be choosers.

  27. spam537

    It seldomly freezes while loading, I know all Adobe apps have that simalir loading screen but it just crashes sometime.

  28. Masum Mohsin Sabah

    what I don’t like is it seems the computer slows down when popups are blocked. Internet Explorer slows even without Ad Annihilator when popups are opened but I would expect that when they are blocked, this should not affect the browser. Overall, however, my impression is very good

  29. don h

    I cannot burn a another CD for the same project.

  30. jonmarc

    Terrible program. Pretty much a rogue. Even if this was free I wouldn’t touch this.
    One of those scams that asks for money before removal.

    The only real legit program that charges before removal is Spyware Doctor

  31. ankita bhol

    I love active inspire honestly! I also enjoy making my notes and tour processes because I have my sweetener tour on now

  32. Jerrold F Garling

    You can use DuplicateFilesDeleter, it is a fast way to find and delete all junk files.

  33. fusi lifoloane

    Nothing – suits me just fine.

  34. Detlef

    TrueCrypt (also free) integrates nicely with windows, and quite frankly is the best encryption freebie I have found. It also offers a hidden volume within your encrypted file for anyone who REALLY wants to secure their data.

  35. Tahssa Kcid

    Thank you a lot, Mr. Angelov! It is very useful for me, especially when I am in a hurry.

  36. Md. Zahangir Alam

    huh? does not compute

  37. Dr. Anand Nadgir

    Does a non/commercial equal flash player exist? for example opensource…

  38. Rickrack17

    Nowhere in the description does it mention that this download is only good for one file. One file is not enough to get a fair shot at using this program. These people are shooting themselves by being dips about licensing.

  39. Cathy

    Some functions are difficult to locate

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