Splash 2.7.0 full version setup

Splash full setup

Impractical image viewer with limited image format support, which might only satisfy the requirements of programmers or experienced users

Users who seek an easy-to-use and friendly software solution for viewing their images might not make the most adequate choice with this application. Being usable only through the command line editor and featuring an impractical handling, it will not provide the much needed user-friendliness and efficiency an image editor must have. Additionally, it only supports three image formats and this could be frustrating right from the start.

Splash codes

Advanced picture post-processing engine, delivering stunning video quality. Watch standard and high definition videos like never before, enjoy smooth motion, crisp details, and vivid colors. Lite version provides limited functionality, try PRO version or PRO EX version for unlimited experience. The best solution for your HD camcorder clips playback! Rediscover High Definition quality with PRO version and state-of-the-art Picture² technology! Watch your clips smooth like never before with Motion² technology. Lite version provides limited functionality, full AVCHD™ format support is available in Splash 2.7.0 full setup PRO and PRO EX. Rediscover Digital Television

Another feature that I liked about this software is its compatibility with subtitles. Parameters such as font, size, and color of subtitles are easily customizable and you can also adjust timings to synch your subtitles with the video stream. Apart from this, Splash 2.7.0 Serial Key also has a digital television. You can navigate through channels rather easily and the viewing experience the program provides is just as good as the playback.

Main Features:

  • Powerful converter with support for hardware acceleration
  • Supports all subtitle formats
  • Plays almost all video and audio formats
  • Watch television in excellent video quality
  • No screen recorder and video downloader
  • Downloaded and installed very easily. Really smooth and easy playing of .mts videos from my Canon video camera.Free! Solved problem of not being able to play these vids.Nice onscreen interface.Very easy to use.
  • Fast video-player for HD content on budget systems (netbooks, nettops) with VERY simple interface. Hardware accelerating. Big minus is instability in Windows 7, I tried to use them on 2 clear just installed OS and it’s crashed on start or after playing video.
  • My fav video player for HD videos, plays almost everything with super low CPU usage. Good video and audio quality. Easy in use and looks nice.
  • Nice UI. Can toogle frame by frame with movies.
Splash full version free

The program features a really modern and intuitive interface. In the player, there are a number of parameters you can customize when playing a movie, for example, contrast, brightness, and saturation. To enhance your viewing experience, you can use advanced features such as Detail, Motion, Boost, and Light Boost. To help you see the difference, the developers have a mode called Demo. This mode lets you compare how a video will look with the effects and without them. I am happy to say that there was a tremendous improvement in video quality after configuring the parameters.

System Requirements for Splash 2.7.0:

What’s New?

Added PNG handling.
Added @ file.

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48 Thoughts to “Splash 2.7.0 full version setup”

  1. Monica Pinto

    – Not suitable for more than 50 users

  2. Egyptian Goddess

    It ain’t free! But at least the price is much more reasonable than other programs that don’t have HALF of the features that this program offers.

  3. James Pollock

    What I don’t like is why it is not so famous while it is so useful!!!

  4. BaoDen_198

    Please provide a link to where I can download it.

  5. Onur Çeliker

    Just downloaded it – I get error “The request must contain the parameter Signature.” just trying to search for my Viesa HDTV. No idea what this error means. The author’s website has many complaints about this issue by posters but no answers.

  6. stuart hall

    A paid alternative for many cool free programs.

  7. Kurt

    Doesn’t work with Chrome

  8. rahul sinha

    not easy to operate control panel.. Should be a more user friendly one, with few steps. While acronis was working great on windows 7, I was not even able to recover windows 8 once 🙁 Just wasted my time, after recovery windows did not start up, even with support request I just wasted time and the back up was useless 🙁

  9. emaz


  10. Vic

    The computer is a machine that can break down at any point in time. If you are not prepared for it, then it might come to you as a shock. I have experienced it and went in under a terrible shock when my PC broke down while I was working on some urgent presentation. I can never ever forget that day. However, when I shared my problem with my friend, he asked me to call the iYogi tech support provider immediately for quick solution to my technical woes. I contacted iYogi on its toll free number and one of its technicians answered my call. He asked me to explain the technical issues that my PC was experiencing. After listening to my woes, he only said four words to get Support Dock installed right now. It was that day and today I haven’t experienced any other technical glitch in my PC. The best part was that the tech guy himself got the Support Dock – the PC Maintenance Suite installed on my PC. It was surely an amazing experience. Thanks iYogi for the instant tech support.

  11. Jatin Khaimani

    -could be cheaper

  12. Michael Wepking

    I like Arcade Horse Racing.

  13. Abhay

    becuose the sky is high

  14. amadou

    Bad viewing angle for main board. Larger graphic of selected piece flickers badly and cannot be seen well. Limited options.

  15. Christian Bauhofer

    Not free, you need to pay for hosting in order to publish

  16. Julie McClain

    Does a non/commercial equal flash player exist? for example opensource…

  17. TheTage

    The upgrade is great except I have to delete my previous copy before I can install the new copy. It has always been this way with Adobe for me, on all their items.

  18. Paul Corson

    dint find it!

  19. a-e

    Poor DVD player. Movie plays in small box in center of screen and there is no way to expand to full screen let alone wide screen.

  20. mike nash

    May be a bit overwhelming for the average user.

  21. jitendraa

    Completely ruined my hard drive set-up. Back up your hard drive if you choose to risk it.

  22. lucy

    waiting time is too long.

  23. Bishal Ghimire

    You have to install client software on every machine you wish to gather information about.

  24. abdio

    UI is not like most programs so it takes a few minutes to understand how to use it

  25. Ng Soo Inn

    None! And definitely no malware there. Don’t know wtf are you people talking…

  26. Mark Newman

    Good management of files and applications installed on Blackberry device.

  27. Bertie Fox

    could have a better look and feel.

  28. Elton

    En realidad no es una contra, ya que es una versión gratuita. Hablo de la actualización, que necesita confirmación.

  29. Willow

    User-friendly and useful software! Welcome to the world of the EPI/GDV technology.

  30. Gaurav kUmar

    have already used it.it is really good.

  31. emaz

    This is BY FAR the most idiotic programm I have ever installed in my entire (long) life. I got SO angry that I went to most of download sites and read all reviews about this one. After a while it appears to me that 99% of all “user reviews” have been submitted by program’s author. Now, about the program itself. Just because “programmer” (in quotes) has no brain to figure out how to make nested folders, it doesn’t mean that he can call it (from his “review” on this site:) “intuitive” and “convenient”. There is nothing convenient in the fact that you have to keep your links in three levels – root, sub and links themselves. You cannot drag links around, you can’t create new folders the way you’d expect. Why anyone would need “popularity” of his/her links???? I know perfectly which of my links are the most popular for me – freaking all of them!!! That’s why I bookmarked them! And it uses an old fashioned installer that leaves a bunch of garbage on your machine after uninstall, particularly class registration in your registry. Wow… I’m so angry!

  32. Jen

    Poorly designed; Actual functionally suspect (wouldn’t fix any files I’ve tried!)

  33. khaled

    Support is a JOKE. Report bugs, and get run around (Duh, trying to help make the software better!!). They have no central manageable bug system accessible to their users (I’ve been trying to get a fix since True Image Workstation version 10. Call in every few months to re-invent the wheel) Totally frustrating. Have about 50 licenses purchased with clients. Booting Recovery media is hit/miss between minor and major versions (I keep lots of different version on hand). Recovery slow, NTFS Drives get mounted as Read only sometimes, Issues with passwords on remote shares for pre/post commands, Software sometimes becomes corrupt which requires uninstall and manual removal of left overs to allow correct operation after a new install, SSD drive (due to speed) causes issues with on startup backups to usb (OS and Acronis software come up before USB drive can be detected)

  34. GerManiac

    Easy to use, the ability to rip everything in one application, the amount of different files you can convert to, it’s excellent

  35. WhiteTiger

    unattractive inteface, but most importantly buggy. i tried two mp3 files and it didnt work correctly on either.

  36. A M RAO

    This software is easy to use. It helps me making hundreds of cards in minutes!


    This program is so awesome that myself and many others are user but we spent lots of our own free time just helping other people up and going…I have even written my own batch program Gstart to help users get running again.

  38. Chandru MY

    As a DVD player under XP? I’d go out and buy a lottery ticket if it only ran once… So … my only conclusion is that it’s useless – just another bandwidth hog.

  39. jeevan

    The trial only allows 50% of a file to be converted. Companies that dont explain their trialware’s limitations are not to be trusted. Oh and the resulting mp3? Well, there was no audio. Junkware, I just hope there is no garbage left on my machine from it.

  40. Kilpela03

    its the best software i ever found

  41. sillianei

    A very good program to convert from pdf to office document formats

  42. arianna cox

    easy to operate

  43. Eby

    When I try to save, it tells me another user has it open (untrue), when I try to delete – after I’ve saved it somewhere else so I can save it where it belongs – same thing. It’s always been bad in this way but version XI Pro is worse. I miss the typewriter. The text box doesn’t work nearly as well. The program never knows where it just was seconds ago. It returns to the document I worked on yesterday. I think, given its cost, if it wasn’t so useful as a portable doc format, it would have been dumped in the trash can of tech history years ago.

  44. butt

    This software removed some of my chrome extensions, downloaded an extension, and changed my search engine. Not sure what else yet.

    about the actual software:
    Loud and isn’t friendly to those keys being pressed on.. so you’ll hear “Space” repeatedly.
    Some are loud.
    Some are really stupid.. such as “I is for Iphone” I believe this was made very quickly so they can start making money on it by adding malware, because who would buy it?

    Definitely don’t download this software.

  45. ran! kr!shna

    Free version limits amount of files you can sync.

  46. nhthoang

    none have found yet

  47. khaled

    there is nothing that i dislike about this product

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