Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92.1005 Free Download Activator

Tracks Eraser Pro registered

Protect your privacy by cleaning your tracks leading to your past Internet activity with the help of this capable piece of software With Tracks Eraser Pro Activation Key leave out any left trace of your Internet activities or other applications like iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media, Office, etc. Your browser's capabilities to delete temporary files is not really as good as you think; with this tool you can erase any trace from the hard drive and keep personal data and private information safe from hackers or other users.

Tracks Eraser Pro Full Version Activation Key

With Tracks Eraser Pro registered‘s free plugins, you can easily erase the tracks of up to 100 popular applications,such as playlist of Realplayer, Mediaplayer, QuickTime, recent files of Office, Acrobat ,Winzip, etc. The plugins are adding every week. Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92.1005 reg keys also has the Custom Item, which lets you to erase the file(s) and registry entry(s) that you want to erase. With Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92 setup‘s Securely Erasing feature enable, Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92.1005 free download will overwrite file(s) a set number of times with random data, others can not recover/undelete them.

Test before removal and shred files

Another good thing about Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92 Activator Free Download is the “Test Now” feature that simulates a cleaning session and shows you the files to be deleted if you perform a full clean. Additionally, there's a built-in “File Shredder” that allows you to remove certain files and even overwrite them for several times to make sure no recovery software is capable of getting back the data. While the programs works flawlessly on all Windows workstations, it may stress up the CPU and RAM a little bit during the cleaning process, especially if you haven't cleaned browser files in a while.

A few last words

All in all, Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92.1005 Registration Code is a very handy piece of software and thanks to its wide browser support, the program is almost a must have on any computer out there.

Main Features:

  • Schedule clean-up
  • No support for Safari web browser
  • Not for Mac
  • Auto updates
  • Listings
Tracks Eraser Pro registration keys

Tracks Eraser Pro cracked is one of the software tools designed to clean the tracks of your Internet activity, providing support for a wide array of browsers and various other applications.

Supports popular browsers and programs

The interface is a mess and although it helps the app get the job done, you can't even resize the main window and while the program performs a clean operation you're not allowed to move it around on the screen.

System Requirements for Tracks Eraser Pro 8.92.1005:

  • 16 MB RAM
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, Windows XP
  • Homepage:
  • Author Acesoft Studio
  • Last version 8.92.1005

What’s New?

Firefox 34 support
Google Chrome 39 support
Fixed a bug with erasing Internet Explorer 11 cache
Other minor tweaks
Internet Explorer 11 support
Firefox 28 support
Google Chrome 33 support
Firefox 21 support
Google Chrome 28 support
Firefox 19 support
Google Chrome 25 support
Fixed a bug erasing Firefox cookie
Firefox 18 support
Minor tweaks for Windows 8 and IE 10
Firefox 15 support
Google Chrome 21 support
Minor tweaks
Firefox 11 support
Google Chrome 19 support
Opera 11 support
fixed a littile bug with Bosskey
Firefox 10 support
Google Chrome 18 support
Erase history of all users of Internet Explorer goes back
Firefox 9 support
Firefox 8 support
Google Chrome 15 support
Live Update support

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  1. Amin Maijaki

    Many improvements since originally reviewed!! Joey Likes!!

  2. jivadas111

    Can honestly not think of any.

  3. Abdollah

    i have no idea

  4. DDM

    – It’s not a con, but more like a suggestion -> it could have an API (c++, for instance) for developers to use Able RAWer as a lib.

  5. hasan0077

    xclnt !..real great job !

  6. benson

    Absolutely Nothing. Wish I found them earlier

  7. Dave Risley

    My system works though it’s DSL,too slow.Very much slower.So that I am planning to remove it. Apart when someone can tell me what I ddi wrong.

  8. Jan Schultz

    Adobe’s PostScript language and Type 1 fonts, combined with the Apple Macintosh, Aldus PageMaker, and the original Apple LaserWriter, launched the “desktop publishing revolution,” and I love Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, Adobe discontinued Aldus’ PageMaker after acquiring it, which I believe was the same fate for Aldus FreeHand — because Adobe had InDesign (new and NOT PageMaker) and Illustrator (for which FreeHand was the only real competition). Adobe seems to have had major problems maintaining the stability, security, and compatibility of the products it acquired from Macromedia. The browser plug-ins for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave (which I’ve found to be superfluous and do not install) are always cause FireFox to crash. On Linux, I have two free, open-source alternatives, which is not the cash on Windows (although the open-source alternatives cane easily be compiled and used with Mac OS X if you have XCode installed). I use the FlashBlocker add-on with Firefox, enabling Flash on the rare occasions that I want to watch a Flash video — with the added benefit of disabling Flash-based “Web bugs” and advertisements. I realize that Adobe has to create an ActiveX-based Flash BHO for Internet Explorer and that the Flash plug-in for Firefox is a DLL, but I rate Flash Player and Shockwave very poorly, because of the stability and security issues. Fortunately, I don’t use YouTube very often. (Have you ever learned anything from the grainy and over-compressed computer/software tutorials on YouTube based upon capturing screen activity and text that you cannot see or read?) I miss the days when Web-based videos were in QuickTime, WMV (or AVI), and RealVideo format, because Web designers created different sizes and compression levels to accommodate the wide range of analogue modems and pre-DSL-and-cable-modem “true” broadband connections in use (focusing on 14.4k and 56k/V.90 modems, and offering large streams of high quality to users with the luxury of T1/T3 connections). Ironically, QuickTime, WMC, and Real (audio and video) Player still exist (and fight for file formats on Windows systems), but Flash content is seemingly omnipresent. Fortunately, VLC — a free, open-source media player that handles almost every format (including DRM DVDs) — has a browser plug-in (for multiple platforms) and continues to evolve, although it does have trouble buffering WMV files and often downloads large ones rather than playing them as the “stream.” I was excited when Adobe announced its “open-source” Flex for Flash content on the Web, but it is an expensive, closed product. Real has an open-source server product, Helix, to allow Linux servers to offer Real content, which is a postive step. I wish that Adobe would open up the Flash format, even if it simple released the format/standard and developers had to create Flash content by hand-coding ActiveScript and previewing it in Flash Player. Adobe would benefit from open-source licensing, because any improvements to the ActionScript language would be released for free and improve the Flash infrastructure. (Of course, if Adobe were to use the open-source improvements to ActiveScript, it would be legally bound to release the code for improved releases of ActionScript — which still would benefit Adobe and users, especially Web developers who cannot afford Flash development tools. As soon as there is a viable alternative to Flash for Windows (which I will remove from this computer as soon as the warranty has expired), I feel obligated to install Flash. NOTE: I use the freeware program, Secunia PSI, which automatically checks and installs updates to ensure that I am always running the most current versions Flash and other major applications. There are other similar tools available, all free for personal use, although I do not recommend that you run them in the background unless you have an “always on” broadband connection and a reasonably fast computer.

  9. Vutura 5

    Over priced. Nag screen constantly bugs you!

  10. Keshav Pandey

    Tries to piggyback other crapware (Funmoods) along with the software.

  11. parsram bishnoi

    It would be nice to have various output formats, but MPEG is fine for my needs.

  12. lamenternum

    very good program ;D

  13. g prashant

    Would be nice if it had a little more features.

  14. Juan González

    I’ve paid for this game, and changed computers, and now I can’t get them to accept the reg. key. No one answers my emails.

  15. Khplwak

    Can’t import text messages to iphone.

  16. xuailianmei

    Does the USB come with this software?

  17. Arthur Kennedy Otieno Jonyo

    I am trying to use this program (either export to pdf (something in the export to pdf function prevents import into other vector editing programs), and export to svg hangs up. Any help out there?

  18. anthony forzano

    Resource hungry but that’s expected.

  19. Ron West

    I wish I could get some of the earlier versions.

  20. ajho

    excellent software for the beginner photographers.

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