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● Hardware Free – Forget investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into a physical DJ controller. VirtualDJ includes nearly all of the same features as the physical devices, without any of the wild costs. ● Top Notch Video Mixing – Care to add an epic video to any of your tracks? With VirtualDJ you can do just that, as the software provides dozens of epic tools that give DJs the chance to wow the crows with stunning visuals and videos. Are you ready to kick you DJ career off today? Get VirtualDJ and let your creative side spin the wheel. VirtualDJ is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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The digital replica of a disc jockey controller syncs flawlessly with nearly any device. Once this is down, users can jump right into the mixing and create new tracks on the fly. However, those who don’t have any physical devices are also free to create, sync, mix, and match. DJs can do more than ever before with VirtualDJ. Musicians can start from scratch, and create an epic beat in minutes with the countless features that exist in the program. So go ahead and create catchy loops, crossfade tracks, and scratch songs all on the fly.

The interface may scare some people initially, with all its toolbars, indicators and windows. It takes a little bit of time to learn how to use all the numerous options Virtual DJ license Key offers. But when you do, it's time to rock! The program lets you select two tracks and play them at the same time, applying effects, slowing down and speeding up the playback, apply effects such as loops of particular parts, cross-fades, flanger, echo, beatgrid, slicer, etc. You can even do the DJ scratch if you want. Working with files is easy enough, since Virtual DJ full version free lets you arrange and group tracks into categories and groups to create collections and sets. There's even a search system for missing or required files online.

Main Features:

  • Useful additional features
  • Requires practice
  • Too many options are presented simultaneously
  • New versions typically have many bugs
  • Includes variety of sound effects
Virtual DJ Full Version key

● Epic Tools and Features – Take the first step to becoming a star by laying down tracks with VirtualDJ’s countless helpful tools. Whether you are looking to blend two songs together, equalize a section, or just add a loop, VirtualDJ has got you covered. Best of all, DJs can customize the interface to meet their exact needs. Switch the pads, wheels, equalizers, and more until they fit your very needs. Let your inner DJ blossom with VirtualDJ today. FEATURES ● Simple and Straightforward – Jump right into mixing without having to take countless tutorials or training sessions. VirtualDJ’s simple features make it easy for users to sync tracks, add layers, and create catchy beats.

System Requirements for Virtual DJ 8.4.5681:

  • PIV 3 GhZ computer
  • 1024×768 SVGA video
  • 4.1 DirectX compatible soundcard (with front and rear separate outputs)
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free on the hard-drive
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Homepage:
  • Author Atomix Productions
  • Last version 8.4.5681

What is the error if the recorder doesn’t work?

If you can’t record, it means that the recording codec is not configured properly. Try visiting the official website for a quick tutorial how to prepare VirtualDJ to record without errors. The codec used in the tutorial is FFDSHOW, a known package which allows users to encode or decode. You can download it from its official website.

How can I create audio samples in Virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ doesn’t have a built-in sampler. But, you can use an audio editing tool such as Audacity to record your own or download existing samples from:
If you are using VirtualDJ LE you should consider that this is a limited software and does not support loading or saving samples. To be able to take advantage of all features you should upgrade to the full version of VirtualDJ Professional:

If you encounter any problems with downloading the sampler you could use some information available at VDJ’s FAQ concerning plugins:

I don’t know how to use it. Can you help?

hi i m ambrish
i know very well about it i am using this software ago many years i will advice to you that go to youtube website for tutorials.
it is a mp3 mixing good software it it use syc it is a magic tool for mixing two song
enjoy it

Virtual DJ is a complex software. In order to learn how to use it, you should check its user manual. You can find the guide, if you go to Start > All Programs > VirtualDJ and open the PDF documents. In order to open them, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your PC. Also, you can find the guides on the official web page of the developer. If you have problems using the software, you can contact the developers using the Support page.

Why can’t my USB mixer sync with my Virtual DJ?

To synchronize the mixer, simply make sure its drivers are installed in the computer, then access Virtual DJ and configure the INPUT-OUTPUT settings. In the INPUT settings, the mixer should be recognized as USB MIDI. Additionally, leave the default values for the driver. Don’t change anything because you will encounter other issues with connectivity and functionality.

I’m trying to record mixed videos but my Virtual DJ always indicates an error with the video codecs. What should I do?

do you have Virtual Dj pro or demo?

In order to fix the problems, I recommend you download and install the latest version of Virtual DJ from the official web page. After that, download and install Combined Community Codec Pack and reboot the computer after the process is complete. If the issues persist, use the Support page to get in touch with the developers.

Is Virtual Dj a good program for a club?

it depends… if you have a midi turntable then yeah it should be good

Yes, the application can be used in a club. It provides all the necessary tools that a professional DJ would use. It allows you to mix songs together and control the tempo, the pitch, the sound volume, and so on. Check the documentation provided by the developers for further details.

I installed this program on my laptop, but it doesn’t work. When I launched it, it gives information about “Invalid Skin Error”.

You’ve probably downloaded a version that uses a custom skin and because that custom skin wasn’t installed properly, you receive an error. I advise downloading the official installation package from the official website of the developer. I have saved and installed it on my computer and it works flawlessly.
Download page:

What’s New?

Pioneer DJM-750MK2 support
Camera plugin can swap between multiple camera's automatically
Fix some animated gif not working in sampler
Fix BeatGrid buttons not lighting up
Fix text effect text cut off
Fix some shaders unable to download
search_playlists to search for a song inside your playlists or virtual folders
Add outline option for text effect
Fix hardware accelerated video-playback crashing on some windows systems
Fix sample editor not showing image samples
Allow backtic in skin menu names to make the name a query
Fix beatport playlists showing only first 100 tracks
Add Scroll speed to text effect
Fix some text effects not shown in video editor on mac
When volumes are the same, getPlayingDeck prefers last deck playing
Fix mic equalizer mute sound on mac
search_playlist also searches subfolders in playlists
Fix some scripts not working when set as action POI's

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