WMAConvert 4.5.4 serial code

WMAConvert Full Version Activation Key

The media conversion software uses a moderate amount of system resources to finish a task in reasonable time. It is very responsive, includes user documentation and delivers audio and video files with a good image and sound quality. WMAConvert 4.5.4 Full Crack did not freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. On the downside, you cannot set the tool to automatically power off the computer or to open the output directory after conversion. Plus, you cannot customize the number of CPU cores to be used. No recent updates have been made.

WMAConvert For Windows 10 Download

It is a program designed to convert WMA to MP3 and other audio formats Download WMAConvert full version serial keys – Remove DRM protection from audio files in a quick, efficient manner by turning to this lightweight software solution that packs an intuitive interface Remove DRM protection from audio files in a quick, efficient manner by turning to this lightweight software solution that packs an intuitive interface WMAConvert 4.5.4 Full Version Registration Code is a program designed to convert WMA to MP3 and other audio formats. You can remove DRM protection and convert WMA music and audio books to MP3 without quality loss. You will be able to transfer and play music on mobile phones, PC and on any popular audio players like iPod, iPhone 4S and Google Android devices.

WMAConvert 4.5.4 Registration key is an application designed to help you turn audio files into MP3, WAV, M4A and WMA, as well as video files into AVI, 3GP and WMV. But it can also prepare clips for iPad, iPod, iPhone and Zune, as well as extract the audio stream and store it as AAC and MP3. The interface of the program is clean and intuitive. Media files can be imported into the file queue by using either the file browser or "drag and drop" function. Conversion is automatically initialized once the items have been added to the list (this option can be disabled).

WMAConvert with serial keys

In the "Settings" area you can change the default output directory and select the desired output format. Additionally, you can adjust the compression quality and switch to a different language for the interface, as well as set WMAConvert 4.5.4 with keygen to overwrite existing files and to preserve subfolders. But you can also play original or converted media files in a built-in player, remove an entry from the file list and selected items to an iPod device.

System Requirements for WMAConvert 4.5.4:

  • Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player or Real Player installed (depends on the output files format)
  • Windows All
  • Homepage: www.regnow.com
  • Author Fidex Ltd.
  • Last version 4.5.4

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38 Thoughts to “WMAConvert 4.5.4 serial code”

  1. Del

    You can select your entire music WMA folder and have the program convert all music all at once into other MP3 folders using the same Artist and Album names. Then when new files are added, you can tell it to skip converting files that have already been converted. Saves a great deal of time allowing you to use MP3 files on any .mp3 player, computer, tablet, or phone. I’ve used this program for years and I love it. You’ll want to purchase the Professional version to have fast, unlimited length of music, but it’s worth it. (This program is similar to SoundTaxi, and works perfectly.)

  2. Richard kotey

    I’m totally satisfied with the software I purchased. I used converter to convert wma to mp3 and it made it quickly and o high quality level. If you need an wma to mp3 converter you can use this software and do not look for something else. Video to wma or mp3 conversion is possible. Also you can remove drm protection from wma files and video avi, mpeg files and convert them to drm free wma or mp3. It will be useful for iPod and iPhone owners who want to convert wma to mp3. Besides, batch conversion is possible and the software causes no quality loss while convert wma to mp3.

  3. Tony Chang

    Download and enjoy. Have fun.

  4. jagadish

    The only program I have used that seems to be able to completely crash Windows XP Pro. Turns the whole computer into an inanimate piece of junk. I liked the older version, it actually worked. Do not download this if you have 6.0, you can’t get it back!

  5. tahir

    The interface is simple points out the issues regarding registry, junk files, cache, and temp files, says exactly how many issues you have, is the cleaning urgency high or low. It’s very fast and I think whoever did this gave the user what they need without complicating things.

  6. Ksu

    The audio recorded is bad and you don’t have a lot of options (i.e. cannot set bitrate).

    It also comes with a nice little malware called “lucky leap” even if the user is super careful unticking the rest of the malware this “free” program brings.

  7. follettrobert

    – the converted file may be pretty big
    – quality is reduced a lot from the original video, even if set on a high video bit rate
    – uses up a lot of your pcs resources
    – it leaves a .mp3 or .flv at the end of the file once its converted

  8. Joseph SIBO

    None that I care for

  9. harun

    The scan is a bit time consuming-but speed isnt everything.

  10. David Birley


  11. khaled

    as far as i know there is not a down side to this product

  12. SkyGamerPlayz123

    Is it necessary..

  13. Alex Nachev

    The best programme to work with your photos, you can do so much it is not real I hope it stays for while yet

  14. james

    It didn’t return enough results within the program.

  15. Ivan

    can fight other software

  16. Evie Heaven

    Vet inte vad det skulle vara

  17. montree3539

    Does it work with ActiveX components?

  18. koenvanpraet

    Be sure to EXTRACT ALL THE FILES FIRST before attempting install. Just clicking setup within compressed folder will not generate required serial number during setup. And that serial number is required for installation.

  19. Daniela

    Terrible Quality


    I need Administrator’s Plus.

  21. Elton

    Yea, I wasted 30 bucks too. After using it a while it became clear that this is amateur software that’s riddled with bugs. Spent many hours entering data only to have it crash my PC a week later. Not only did it trash my data, but it screwed up XP. I had to reinstall XP. Then it no longer would accept my key. Forget support. They just say you must be doing something wrong. You might as well just shoot yourself. Not worth the time and frustration, not to mention the $30. I deleted auto wolf and bought Auto Maintenance Pro and have been very pleased with it.

  22. Lenon Kagamine

    simple, clean, efficient!..

  23. Lucinda

    Bit slow on the scans and misses a few bugs,

  24. Goran

    Although it claims it was free to try, actually it discourges you to try. Just ignore this software and free your time.

  25. Max

    I have Windows Vista. The program crashed and I have not been able to get it to run. I ended up uninstalling this program. Originally, I also thought you can create subtitle files with this software. Turns out not to be the case.

  26. Vincenzo


  27. Sipho

    good thinking good product

  28. Tyrin Price

    None – the progam has never let me down.

  29. Scott E. Hubmer

    Wow! Avira has helped me so much. Thanks to it!

  30. john m

    misleading – NOT FREE

  31. Naveed Ghaffar

    Charges to use Arcsoft Print Creations

  32. Anitha Naidu

    It would be cool if there was a way to create the disposable emails automatically when you’re filling out forms, like a right-click functionality. But the creation process isn’t difficult so it’s not a biggie.

  33. Gerald

    thanks for the intare team cnet

  34. menaka

    Most info you can get from Windows Properties, so not much additional function for monitoring. Installing lets you pick to install filters, but has no explanation for it.

  35. Andrew

    It’s a good file shredder but it does have some glitches. On hard drives with compressed files it’ll give errors like “Error: Reached the end of file” and “Failed…”, and sometimes it will lockup and make a file grow to the maximum extent (the remaining free space on your hard drive). And it seems it takes forever to overwrite your hard drives anyway, especially if you try to use the Gutmann method on a 40 GB hard disk. I would put it on “Pseudorandom Data” for speed.

  36. paul nyonyi

    Alignment was hard to find in the free Home Edition version, but it’s there!

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