ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0 Full Version Activation Code

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security full setup

Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security codes – Includes everything in ZoneAlarm Security Suite and integrates the comprehensive Web security features of ZoneAlarm ForceField, adding an extra security layer to your computer ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 free full download protects your PC, your browser and your data ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0 Full Version license Key is a reliable and effective solution geared toward users who need to protect their system against malware, viruses, spams, Trojans and other threats lurking on the Internet. With the help of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 Full Version Registration key you have the possibility to detect and remove viruses, bots and rootkits, lock out hackers, block intrusions and make your PC invisible when going online.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security full version setup

The ‘Internet’ section enables you to block dangerous and annoying junk e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and safeguard your children from Internet predators. You can enable the parental control option and choose the site categories you want to block. The last section, namely Identify and data reaches beyond your computer to protect your identity online and offline where most identity theft occurs. What’s more, you can even schedule system-wide scans by setting the frequency and choosing the state for each task.

Considering the main purpose for which the application was designed, you can easily analyze all the downloads and get notified each time a file is malicious, prevent identity thieves from stealing your passwords and other keystrokes that you type, as well as erase your online tracks. To wrap it up, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 keygen proves to be a steady solution that monitors programs for suspicious behavior spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional protection. Includes everything in ZoneAlarm Security Suite and integrates the comprehensive Web security features of ZoneAlarm ForceField, adding an extra security layer to your computer ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0 Full Version Registration Code protects you against Internet dangers. This security suite includes everything necessary. Download ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0 Full Version Free Crack

Main Features:

  • In the shareware version, a “nag screen” appears every now and then to require you to purchase the full version
  • The program claims to protect your system against major threats such as ransomware
  • The program is subscription-based, so you will need to pay an amount of money periodically
  • It is easy to use and works fast
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security registeration keys

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Free Crack is a comprehensive security suite protects your PC, identity, data and everything you do online. Further protection comes with anti-phishing, anti-spam, parental controls and online backup. Also includes unique security not found in other suites like virtual and private browsing, identity protection with victim recovery services, and optional hard drive encryption that stops others from reading your PC, laptop or notebook. Protects your Windows PC from unknown virus and firewall threats, including zero-day attacks, by analyzing suspicious files in the cloud before they can harm your computer. It’s the ultimate solution for internet security, firewall protection and an advanced antivirus filtering.

System Requirements for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0:

  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • Minimum system RAM: 512 MB
  • 250MB of available hard-disk space
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 10, Windows 98, Vista
  • Language English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Homepage:
  • Author Zone Labs
  • Last version 2012.0

What’s New?

Improved: Stability, Security
Fixed: Bug fixes and Improvements
New: Web Secure Free, blocks phishing attacks and safely download documents in Chrome
New: ZoneAlarm Safe Search
New: Antivirus SDK with better protections
New: Full support for Windows 10 19H1
Fixed: Bug fixes to improve ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware uninstall and upgrade
New: Web Secure, blocks phishing attacks and safely download documents in Chrome
Removed: Find My Laptop
Removed: Online Backup
Removed: Parental Controls
Added: Anti-Phishing to user interface
Fixed: SBACipollaSrvHost exposes WCF service to low privilege users which can be leveraged to execute arbitrary code as SYSTEM.

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45 Thoughts to “ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012.0 Full Version Activation Code”

  1. shuDhendu

    Nice program.

  2. Athma Ram S.G

    I am impressed with its thoroughness. It is my first commercial suite.

  3. Result from testing

    Only big name AV/Security tool to properly prevent and detect keyloggers. All others rely on signatures which get out of date.

  4. luz argenis

    very good against attacks e.g viruses worms etc. recommended 100%

  5. Frans Griens

    Unusable for text editing in design mode due to inaccurate display of cursor position. Significantly poorer usability than CS3 due to removing obvious panel-status indicators and replacing with a double-click-tab interaction.


    However with this last update, I got the Health Check added in and even though it has a settings option to not do a scheduled check, it never works and I get the annoying popup telling me that I have files in my caches and some temporary files that I don’t care if they are there are not. The popup is even more of a problem that the extra files.

  7. deaerion

    Nothing. Everything is perfect !

  8. rgbigel

    Very impressive piece of software. Nice and easy to use.

  9. Angel

    There are still many features it could have but doesn’t yet. Although I’ve never seen its equal, I look forward to seeing its better. I had to tweak the code here and there to get it to do what I wanted & my php and my css is rusty.

  10. Matthew Trongo

    I can’t download it!!

  11. Vrithamani Srinivasa

    BUT my AVG Free sees it as malware.

  12. sowmya

    -send definition updates more often besides like once in like 3 days (but i understand that iobit has other products to be in top shape with)
    – free version needs process guard (most malware run with a process so with iobit havind that on both version it can detect more viruses)
    -This also concerns me is its cloud protection,right now the threats it found (this number will change) is 2,807 threats,aint there like thousands of threats in the internet, any way …
    – Iobit Cloud needs to be improved..
    But anyway with these changes and improvements that need to be made,this program is still very good…

  13. Shelton

    (Lakshman r)

  14. morfun

    It’s getting everytime bigger and bigger,NOT EVERY ONE HAS A 6MB BROADBAND CONNECTION… we human makes the mistake for making somethings simplier we make everything else more complicated.

  15. Nicholas Carter

    7-9-2008 I find this program very useful – it reminds me when I need to upgrade – in case I have forgotten – which I often do.,

  16. yhuhan

    The technician I connected to was so very polite and helpful with a 68 year old who is a beginner in computers. I will come back to iyogi for sure.

  17. Hugo Betancur H

    Umm … wish they gave the Writer away for free as well 🙂

  18. booksboot

    May have minor difficulty with a few files. Out of 89,787MB only 5, 1kb files were unable to be erased.

  19. douglas

    renames files by adding the format version on the file itself making the original file longer, confusing, complicated; doesnt play on home dvd player when converted/reformatted file is burned on a dvd burner

  20. ruehipwell

    Does a non/commercial equal flash player exist? for example opensource…

  21. bharath

    Needs some improvements in UI

  22. jhabu

    Very simple player.

  23. me

    Atari thinks its doing people a favor by releasing this collection of old hits. It should be about as well recieved as a Color Me Badd reunion tour. The 10 minute trial period really limits you from wanting to go all the way to 12 minutes. How in the world is this a 11MB download? I sat down to play through these games and when I was done my grilled cheese sandwich wasn’t even done cooking. The price is 10 bucks for this dabocle? Hey atari guys: I went to yardsale the other day and I got the entire atari library for the change that was in my car’s ash tray.

  24. Irina Sokolova

    Knocks out your working backup system. No indication that it is backing up or restoring. Log froze up computer.Backup data location scrambled.I spent a week getting the backup system to work 87% worth.

  25. Karim

    Really, there are none. But it could use a few more options.

  26. Jafar.t

    very buggy, hangs system, and locks drive so it is unusable and data inaccessible, refuses to start, hangs in a loop, then uninstall fails to run too. Worst software I have tried to use in 25 years. support acknowledge problems but gave up trying to help and disappeared

  27. Mark Chambers

    Only 1 option for hosting, however I am very satisfied with their hosting company.

  28. alan corner

    The reports are little annoying when trying to read the last customer on the page of ,let’s say “movies due today always the the last member on the page has either his acc number missing or it’s half way through what’s out

  29. taty BEN

    Blue-ray burning does not work in my case.

  30. Rajaweb.Info

    Sometimes archives with foreign language filenames may not extract or give an error message. I just rename them in English and they open/extract perfectly.

  31. hung20t

    A lot of errors while connecting to gmail and other emails
    Sometime delayed opening the message and gives message “Download next time”
    Very annoying message

  32. Ferroll

    None really, not counting the cost of the upgrade, which really is a good value. If it’s within your budget, I recommend it.

  33. ruhul

    With Firefox (all versions of FF), get ready for crash mania

  34. Dee Are Gee

    I have found no cons to report.

  35. Gina Mobley

    nope so far so best

  36. Reinhard Schwaninger

    It will not download on windows XP

  37. Sean Abam

    Not sure if I used it right but the output files were pixel-ized and small.

  38. Huong

    Windows reports my system has no spyware protection while this program’s real time protection features are running. (This program may not be the fault, though, it may. (The claim of Windows 7/ Vista certification should mean correctly interfacing.)

  39. MadCat

    basic comparison based on name (same like Visual)

  40. sithin

    People with financial knowledge will love this program. It’s not real intuitive for beginners but it has a good help file with descriptions about a lot of tax rules and financial concepts. It took time for me to learn, but the more I use this program the more interesting it becomes. It’s extremely helpful for figuring out the best way to retire (money-wise), which made a big difference for me. I don’t know how anyone would retire without something like this. On-line calculators tell you nothing. BTW it’s up to version 9 now, which I got from

  41. Lalə Ş. Tanrıverdiyeva

    Unable to transfer via FTP

  42. prasad

    kinda boring make it alittle better

  43. Gillian Gibson Noero

    Tells you to install an antispyware program I’ve never heard of with it.

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